Thursday, December 10, 2009

To have as a separate dining room with large dining table and chairs in the center around it, has always been the privilege of the wealthy. Ancient rule, stay at home, no matter what the occasion (sad or hilarious) felt the best hospitality in the abundance of food offered. That is why we pay close attention to the dining room, a dining with guests, a place which should represent a good steward in the light.

Dining room has gained longevity history, starting from the palace feasts, to reach its modern form - the dining area. The impressive appearance of the Victorian dining in Cambridge inspires awe with massive, decorated with carved tables and chairs.

In the 20 th century with the emergence of the profession of designer and definition of style, the dining room underwent numerous transformations as space and characteristics of the furniture in it. Those in museums dining furniture groups in kraft & B style art, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, modern, postmodern, minimalist lovers are today. The desire to invent something new, unprecedented, sometimes leads to incredible experiments.

Shock shown this year at the museum one of the most reputable manufacturers of furniture, the company vitro, a set of table and chair of the young designer Jersey Seymor. As the author himself says proudly, are made from potato mash and paint. Naturally, this works arouse interest but is unlikely to enjoy widespread use.

Nowadays Bulgaria is built in a pragmatic, principally for economic reasons. There is no longer a separate dining room. There are spacious living rooms, which are segregated places - kitchen, dining area, a place for recreation, playground for guests. Suggested new ways of separating and connecting these diverse implementation and use of furniture in one room. Usual practice is to combine several different styles of furniture. Few are those who can afford ednostilno furniture for the entire living room. And what is becoming more common, it is modern. No longer worry that we are furnished in a style, although a mix of styles could hardly be called eklektika.

For people with opportunities could outline some characteristics of modern day admission for groups of dining tables and chairs. Above all, modern furniture designers tend to clean straight lines. This appealing and manufacturers of furniture, for easier and faster manufacturing process. Today increasingly pay attention to nature and we need to bring in items from her home. That is why fashion is natural materials like solid wood, glass and metal in pure form, in various combinations.

Recently added convenience as it is considered construction of separate pavilions in the plot of the house in which only the interior of the room is organized to meet the guests with a long table and chairs. This decision has a practical side dining to save the noise from the guests and their invasion of the home owners.

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